Community Chorus


The choir was organized under the direction of Miss Nellie Beatrice Huger who was the first Minister of Music in 1931. Miss Huger had a rich background of experience in church music and radio broadcasting.

Upon her arrival in Hartland, Huger launched a broad program of assistance to the local church choirs, the teaching of choral music in the rural and consolidated schools, and eventually organized the combined community chorus for the annual presentation of Handel's Messiah.

Other directors that followed Miss Huger were: Leon V. Metcalf, Lestor McCoy, Winchester Richard, Earl Uphoff, Russell Nelson and Lawrence W. Gray. The Hartland Area Chorus is now under the direction of Dr. Vernon Rife. The rehearsals for the "Messiah" begin each October and are held at the Hartland high school in the chorus room on Monday evenings.

Music Exalts Life - was the motto that was chosen for the Ministry of Music of the Hartland Area Project. Music was chosen for the first activity because of its universal appeal to the people of the Hartland Area. The physical center in which all the music and dramatic activities were held was the Hartland Music Hall.

Each year at Christmas time the community chorus, church choirs, high school chorus and visiting soloists and musicians joined forces to present Handel's "Messiah" at the Hartland Music Hall. 2005 will mark the 73rd performance of the masterly piece of music in Hartland.

The program is dedicated as a Living Memorial to the Hartland born philanthropist John Robert Crouse, Sr. (1874 - 1946), founder of the Hartland Area Project.