Community Life


The concept of a paper for the Hartland area grew out of the need for a regular means of communication among all of the homes in the area. Its creator, J. Robert Crouse, Sr. and his Hartland Area Project first published the paper in 1933. The Director of Continuing Education was responsible for the publication, budget, and made timely reports to the Hartland Area Project. The first editor was Bert J. Ford, manager and Director of the Hartland Area Community Schools.

In the 1930s the records indicate that approximately 400 homes were receiving the four to eight page newspaper printed from September to June. A subscription cost $1.00 per home. Today we publish and mail over 15,000 copies and it costs $15 for a subscription if you reside outside the district boundaries. Today, Community Life averages 28-32 pages per issue and is mailed out ten times per year.

The Community Life newspaper has been funded by the Hartland Area Project since 1933. Through the years costs have been shared by the Hartland Consolidated Schools, advertisers, donations and subscriptions.

For many years the publication and editing of the paper was the responsibility of the Cromaine Library Director. Florence B. Dearing held the position from February 1939 - August 1960. The editorship changed several times over the next decade going back to the schools. In 1971, Cromaine Library assumed responsibility. The last Director to edit Community Life was Sandy Scherba who held the position from September 1975 to July 1996. When the Cromaine (District) Library split from the school district, the job of editing the paper went back to the Community Education department of the Hartland Consolidated Schools. Nadine Cloutier is now the current editor.

The paper can boast 65 years of continuous publication. It is a wonderful source of historical information. A project is underway to begin the daunting task of indexing all of the past issues. The Hartland Area Historical Society has received a grant from the Hartland Consolidated Schools Foundation to support this effort.