70 Years of Progress


As we move into the new century it is important to take time to pause, reflect on the past, and take note of the influence one man had on the Hartland community. Although seventy years is but a short time, we can conclude that residents of the Hartland area have received countless benefits from the Hartland Area Project . Many of us may never have stopped to think of them.

Through the years we have had many educational, recreational and cultural opportunities that have enriched the lives of every adult member of this community. In addition many interesting speakers, courses, library services and musical programs helped to awaken the intellectual interests of the area.

People were afforded the chance to work cooperatively in committees or organizations that enabled them to study special problems or carry out valuable projects, all for the benefit of the Area as a whole.

It was noted by Mr. Crouse that his entire Project would look to generations, rather than years for its period of development and operation. He realized that other activities would be developed when the time seemed appropriate.

An additional highly idealized long time objective was to expend time, effort and money progressively in the future as lavishly on the culture and enrichment of individual and community life, as it is stupidly and futilely expended on war for the debasement and destruction of life. Philosophers maintain that war must finally be replaced by challenge to the creative, constructive individual and social action that will be its moral and adventurous equivalent. Such, in degree is the Hartland Area Project.